Guarantee of freshness

A rapid process that the asparagus reach 24-hour supermarkets with every guarantee of quality and freshness after collected.

Two generations producing asparagus

We are producers and marketers of green asparagus for two generations. The growing of green asparagus is a familiar tradition for us.

Certificate of quality

All our processes have been checked and approved by GLOBAL GAP international entity that monitors for the quality of the agricultural products and his transport.

Production and commercialization of green asparagus

Our process “The time is money”

It may seem like a set phrase but the production and commercialization of the green asparagus needs a rapidity in order that the green asparagus has a quality at a height of the most demanding clients.

When handling a fresh product, very delicate and perishable ‘time is money’

Green asparagus Vega Solanillos prepared for its commercialization

A process of 24 hours

Green asparagus should be harvested at dawn so that they retain the coolness of night that gives us the climate of Guadalajara (Center of Spain) and they should be made as soon as possible. Once they have been washed, cut, selected, made bunches, packed and the palet has been made, the asparagus cool between 0 and 3 degrees and are sent to the client.

All this process is made in less than 24 hours!

Production and commercialization of fresh green asparagus.
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Means and productive capacity

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